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Jingling Flowspirit Full Description

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Principles of Software

Flow wizard network exchange of visits, the use of all software users to jointly contribute to the principle of sharing; different lines of access providers due to the user's IP, different location, different access time, user can easily obtain a real and effective flow access; same time as a general-purpose web promotion software, the software also provides a variety of basic functions (sub-page access pop mode, destination URL, source URL, curve control) for the user to choose to use the basic functions of the software, the user can be used flexibly they want access to promote demand.

Software features

Easy to use
Simple to use, the user name need not be registered, and add your own URL to start sharing traffic;

The software supports flow curve control according to their needs, users can control their own traffic size;

The software supports traffic optimization features, the users according to their own set pop mode, destination URL, source URL;

The software can be set to start automatically, hide tray icon, boss key, automatic upgrade function;
Software interface is refreshing, permanent free software, and ongoing improvements based on user feedback, the upgrade;

Pure green software, the software is only one file, without having to install full support for Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Win7 operating system;

High Security
Software uses self-developed embedded browser based on IE kernel, can effectively block all types of viruses Trojans download;

Using of malicious URLs smart identification technology, automatic collection, filtering malicious URLs;

Deep anti-Trojan, intrusion effectively blocks all types of viruses Trojans from the web;

To prohibit any pop-up window, and allowed to download all kinds of pictures, sound, video and other binary files, fully reduce network resource consumption;

Prohibit the broadcast of any web page background music, prohibit the page open and prompt sound truly do "silent" for your service; 

True effectiveness
The software is based on the the IE kernel independent research and development of embedded browser, access to effect real and effective;

The user flexibility to specify the the traffic source URL, to ensure that the flow of the real effective;
Users the flexibility to specify the destination URL, and destination URL random access sub-pages, bring traffic to the specified page;

The server intelligently control the access frequency of the different periods, different times of the day to visit a real and effective frequency;

Software based on the randomness of the network visits, fully guaranteed access interval, time on page, regional differences, real and effective distribution of independent IP segment;

Intelligent analysis software sub-page links within the site, and random access, to ensure that the entire site will be accessed, the user does not need to register to use it.

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